NiceCut Pro / NiceCut
NiceCut Pro / NiceCut Plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator

Create images in award winning Adobe Illustrator - then export them to your cutting plotter quickly and easily with NiceCut or NiceCut Pro. Whether you design signs or receive Illustrator data, you can eliminate converting data forever.


Features of NiceCut and NiceCut Pro


Supports multiple plotter languages
The NiceCut series is multilingual, working with three of the most popular plotter languages -- HP-GL, GP-GL, and MGL-IC1.

Quickly preview plotting data
NiceCut and NiceCut Professional both allow you to quickly select and preview your cutting data in Illustrator, then verify that your selected data will fit your vinyl sheet -- before you start cutting.

Color separation and knockout
Design artwork in Illustrator normally and trust NiceCut to plot only the colors (and contours) visible to you. Automatically recognizes overlapping objects and removes redundant data.

Plot colors in any order
Select and plot only the colors you need, when you need them.
Integrated with Illustrator's user interface

Completely integrated with Illustrator
NiceCut and NiceCut Pro work smoothly within Illustrator's familiar style of menus and windows. Spend your time cutting signs, not learning new software.

Screenshot of NiceCut Pro

Easily make your sign data.

Additional features found in NiceCut Pro


Relative plotting
With NiceCut Pro, you can plot objects in their relative positions -- keeping the layout you want when cutting film for screen printing.

Easy duplication
Using NiceCut Pro's copy command, you can spool multiple copies to your plotter without changing the original data in Illustrator. It's flexible too -- you can freely set the number of copies and the offset between them, in both the horizontal and vertical directions, limited only by the size of your media.

Tiling tool
Divide large jobs to fit your plotter, quickly and easily.

NiceCut Pro Screenshot

Simple, yet detailed settings

Efficient cutting using auto-sort and arc approximations.
NiceCut Pro is geared for professional signmakers - with automatic sorting, your signs are cut efficiently, reducing media slippage. Also, using NiceCut's arc approximations, your signs cut more smoothly, keeping the finished product "picture perfect."

NiceCut/NiceCut Pro compatible plotters
Any plotter that supports HP-GL, GP-GL, or MGL-IC1.
We also provide factory pre-sets for a variety of plotters. Please see our manufacturer's list for details.




  • Intel Pentium or faster processor
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000.
  • Adobe Illustrator 7 or later.
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • Parallel port (for dongle).


  • Power Macintosh or compatible (Including the new G4 series)
  • Mac OS 8.0 or above.
  • Adobe Illustrator 7 or later.
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • USB or ADB port (for dongle).

User Guides
NiceCut/NiceCut Professional (PDF 260KB)

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