Design Workflow

1. Import a Template (or Design your Own)

A standard box, octoganal box, and pocket folder


With Illustrator's wide variety of supported file formats, you can easily import templates that you've designed in a CAD package or received from your pre-press or service bureau. Because EPS, DXF, and most other popular formats are already supported, this is probably the fastest way to get started.

Alternately, create your own template in Illustrator: perfect for new greeting cards, pocket folder styles, or any other die cut design.

2. Prime your Imagination

Once you've imported or designed your template, fold it up to see what the final shape looks like. Rotate the folded shape to see it from different perspectives. If you don't like the template, change it in Illustrator. Add or subtract windows; use any of Illustrator's tools to shape them.

Take this time to see how the box will appear before you place any artwork. See how the angles affect the the design. After seeing the finished shape, it's much easier to create the graphics that will appear on top.



Top or side window?

3. Design Freely and Prototype Rapidly

Before and After

"Some Assembly Required": words you do not want to hear when you're on a deadline. Design with confidence, knowing you can easily see what your work looks like in 3D - without wasting time printing, cutting, and folding your design by hand.

Alternately test different colors or patterns; change the previews with a few clicks or by moving your mouse. Make just one physical mock-up at the end, saving both you and your client money. Use your resources more effectively with FoldUP! 3D.

4. Collaborate with Others


Like the finished product? Share it easily with clients, team members, or even your Mom. FoldUP! 3D allows you to export your folded design to a wide range of popular file formats.

And, since all the folding information is saved in the Illustrator file, anyone who downloads the FoldUP! 3D viewer can see the folding sequence, or preview your design in 3D.

Improve your productivity, and your team's, with FoldUP! 3D.


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