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Illustrator Plug-In Version CS-CS4 compatible[FoldUP!3D New]FoldUP!3D New is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in that lets you preview dimensional designs in 3D all within Illustrator.

Description of functions

(1) What is FoldUp!3DNew?
(2) 3D Built-in Function
(3) Share Your Image with Others
(4) Export Function of Preview Screen
(5) Thickness Function

System Requirements

Mac OS10.3 or higher (supporting Leopard)
PowerPC Processor built-in computer
Intel processor (use of CS5 recommended)
* Comply with the requirements of Illustrator
Graphics card supporting OpenGL® 1.1
PentiumProcessor built-in computer or compatible machines
* Complied Comply with the requirements of Illustrator
with Illustrator Graphics card supporting for OpenGL® 1.1

Applications, Memory

Adobe Illustrator version CS2 - CS5
Required memory size: Comply with the requirements of Adobe Illustrator
* In order to handle a large volume or complex data, ample memory is required. We recommend you to set your virtual memory size to an adequate amount.

FoldUp!3DNew viewer download

FoldUp!3DNew Viewer™ is the software designed for just preview f3m format data. You can download it.

FoldUp!3DNew Viewer™ (for win) >> download
FoldUp!3DNew Viewer Plug-in™ (for win) >> download
FoldUp!3DNew Viewer Plug-in™ (for mac) >> download
FoldUp!3DNew Viewer Plug-in™ (for mac CS5) >> download
FoldUp!3DNew Viewer Plug-in™ (for win CS5) >> download

SAMPLE DATA(f3m format data) >> download

Refund Policy

All Sales Are Final!
Fold Up 3D is a non-refundable purchase. Comnet strictly adheres to a no-refund policy because we offer our products electronically and because you cannot physically return an e-software, we have implemented a NO REFUND POLICY, there are no exceptions.
If you are experiencing difficulty, you can get help.

(1) What is FoldUp!3DNew?

After creating your 3D data, what will you do next? Preview it by printing it and cutting it out?! FoldUp!3DNew will allow you to eliminate this time-consuming step of creating a physical prototype.
FoldUP!3DNew is a perfect Adobe Illustrator plug-in that lets you preview dimensional designs in 3D all within Illustrator.

(2) 3D Built-in Function

Preview two dimensional designs in three dimensions
FoldUP!3DNew maximizes the advantages of the plug-in software features. By just installing this plug-in into Illustrator, you can easily see what your work looks like on the 3D preview screen without exporting any data. By simply creating cut lines, fold lines and design layers within Illustrator, you can quickly get a sense of how your design reads in 3D.
If the design is not satisfactory, you have only to correct it within Illustrator and your changes will be immediately reflected on the 3D screen. This will free you from time-consuming design checking.

FoldUP!3DNew uses "OpenGL Technology" which allows for the display of three-dimensional shapes that can be scaled and rotated in 360 degrees. Users don’t need to be familiar with CAD technology, nor have any kind of three-dimensional mathematical knowledge.

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(3) Share Your Image with Others

Even if your associates don’t have the plug-in software, don’t worry – we provide free viewer software. "FoldUP!3D VIEWER" was developed to allow those people to see the 3D preview screen in FoldUP!3DNew in order to grasp the design.
We have 2 types of Viewer software available – the plug-in type for Illustrator and a standalone viewer (*) which works independently from Illustrator.

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(4) Export Function of Preview Screen

Make a presentation or printout by exporting the print preview screen.
FoldUP!3D New enables you to export the 3D preview screen as an image.
FoldUP!3D New has the enhanced function of image output which can save the 3D preview images as TIFF, BMP, JPEG and so on with resolutions from 72dpi up to 2400dpi. Therefore you can use it to make high-quality prints.
With more export features to share your design, FoldUp!3D exports to web, print, as a QuickTime movie, or as a model file. Custom settings let you have control of display and file size for the desired resolution.

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(6) Thickness Function

A flute, B flute, Previewing easy.
Thickness function
FoldUP!3DNew creates an illusion of proximity by simulating the paper type or paper thickness at preview.
In addition to numeric input of paper thickness, existing paper in A flute and AB flute can be selected to view in the preview.

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