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Illustrator Plug-In Version CS-CS4 compatible[NiceCutPro2]NiceCutPro2 is plug-in software that sends Illustrator's output directly to your cutting plotter.

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The customers who have old version of the plug-in software can purchase with courtesy price at $179.00 !
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Description of functions

(1) What is NiceCutPro2?
(2) Cuts faster and better
(3) Minimizes failed cuts
(4) Facilitates plotter setting
(5) Helps you quote with new function
(6) Addresses the annoying issue of line width and overlap
(7) Provides other powerful functions to use in business
(8) Supplementary note

System Requirements

Mac OS10.3 or higher (supporting Leopard)
PowerPC Processor built-in computer
Intel processor (use of CS3 recommended)
* Comply with the requirements of Illustrator.

PentiumProcessor built-in computer or compatible machine
* Comply with the requirements of Illustrator.

Applications, Memory

Adobe Illustrator version CS - CS4
Required memory size: Comply with the requirements of Adobe Illustrator.
version CS5 coming soon!

Refund Policy

All Sales Are Final!
Fold Up 3D is a non-refundable purchase. Comnet strictly adheres to a no-refund policy because we offer our products electronically and because you cannot physically return an e-software, we have implemented a NO REFUND POLICY, there are no exceptions.
If you are experiencing difficulty, you can get help.

What is NiceCutPro2?

NiceCutPro2 is plug-in software that sends Illustrator's output directly to your cutting plotter. Based on the result of questionnaires to users of the previous versions (the CoCut series), NiceCutPro2 was developed to be a better software solution for your business. Compatible with the plotters of various brands including Roland, MIMAKI, and GRAPHTEC and equipped with professional tools, the plug-in software NiceCutPro2 provides powerful support for your business.
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Cuts faster and better

Significant change in the cutting program's routine
For more efficiency in user operation, we redesigned the program for cutting in the previous cutting software. The upgrade of the arc approximation program successfully and substantially improved speed and accuracy in cutting.
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Positioning and sequencing of animations and cuts
The animation preview screen allows you to simulate the actual operation before cutting. In addition, you can easily make changes to the starting cut positions and the order of cutting either manually or automatically.
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Facilitates Plotter Setting

Plotter management function
NiceCutPro2 can manage multiple plotters at the same time. You can manage multiple plotter sheets or sheets of paper, for which you can specifically set the pen number, pen pressure, etc. The configuration file can be imported and exported.
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(5) Helps you quote with a new function

Additional function to auto-calculate the contour length of cuts
Now you can quote more easily than ever. NiceCutPro2 automatically calculates and displays the contour length of your objects, which helps you submit a quotation to your customers.
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(6) Addresses the annoying issue of line width and overlap

Automatic processing of line width and overlap
NiceCutPro2 can recognize the outline of created line width and cut along it as well as distinguish the color tones of overlapped objects and divide or combine them automatically.
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(7) Provides other powerful functions to use in business
Substantial enhancement of functions useful for various tasks
- Creating vehicle letterings and peel-off tabs
Just clicking the icon for this new function will automate the tedious creation of vehicle letterings. We also added the function to create peel-off tabs that help you tear off plotter sheets.
- Aligning group elements
You can reposition multiple cut items in the preview window.

- Extracting?outlines
The function to create outline type has been added .
- Dividing output data
The function to divide up an oversized output has been added.
- Providing the commands embeddable at the time of start-up and shut-down
We also added commands you can use to change your plotter's home position and so on.

- Removal of hardware protection
Hardware protection (the troublesome function) has been eliminated.
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(8) Supplementary Note

Compatibility with each manufacturer's plotter
NiceCutPro2 is currently compatible with the following output commands.
Please check with your plotter's manufacturer as to whether it is compatible with the commands above. If so, you can use NiceCutPro2.

Output from NiceCutPro2 to plotters
Accessory devices such as plotter connection cables and converters do not come with NiceCutPro2. Please check with the manufacturer of your plotter for availability of those devices.

Compatible interfaces: RS-232C and parallel port
*Using a USB connection requires a USB to serial adapter. The adapter whose operation we ensure is KEYSPAN USA-19HS.
Please note that we do not deal in any USB to serial adapters. For more information including the specifications of the adapter, please check with ASK Corporation (
*USA-28 and USA-28X are not available for output from Mac OS X due to the difference in the RS specifications.

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